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Wisdom of the Zohar, The (3 Volume Set)

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Now the splendour of the Book of Splendour is available for all to see. The masterful work of Tishby has been complemented by a masterful translation by Goldstein.

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The extended extracts are arranged by topic, each section being prefaced by introductory explanations and accompanied by copious notes. There is also a General Introduction on the complex symbolism of the Zohar and on its historical and literary background.

The scholarly value of David Goldstein's acclaimed translation is enhanced by an index expanded to include references to passages cited in the introduction and notes, and by the addition of a subject index and an index of biblical references.


"Excellent English translation... We are presented not only with the best available English translation of large sections of the Zohar but with an extensive, informed running commentary."        ~Steven P. Katz, Choice

"For over thirty years, Isaiah Tishby's study of the Zohar has been hailed as a classic, a landmark in modern Hebrew letters. Beautifully written and deeply learned, it has opened the recondite world of the Zohar to more than a generation of Hebrew readers. Thus, the appearance of the long-awaited English translation is a cause for celebration... its mysterious power remains largely intact.

The Zohar is the richest, most imaginative work in the annals of Jewish mysticism. Tishby's selection of primary sources is exemplary, and the commentaries to them, lucid... The English reader remains in Goldstein's debt. Essential reading for anyone seeking to plumb critically the depths of the Jewish mystical tradition. This is a classic about a classic."      ~Elliott Ginsburg, Journal of Religion


According to Kabbalah, the Edomite kings were constructed of pure Judgment and contained no Mercy. Edom (“red”), derives from the word âdâm, (“to show blood”), where red, as Isaiah Tishby observes, is the colour of strict judgment. The “Death of the Kings” refers to the inability of onto-cosmological manifestation to maintain itself before the advent of the image of supernal Man.

Tishby:  "The system of emanation had not yet been prepared in the image of the supernal Man, which constitutes a harmonious structure by balancing the opposing forces. In the idea of the image of Man even the forces of destruction of 'the other side' are able to survive. … Once the image of Man had been prepared all the forces that were not able to exist before existed in it."


Isaiah Tishby was Emeritus Professor of Philosophical, Mythical and Ethical Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem until his death in 1992. He was awarded the Bialik Prize 1972, the Israel Prize 1979, and the Rothschild Prize 1982, mainly for his work on The Wisdom of the Zohar.

David Goldstein, late Curator of Hebrew Books and Manuscripts at the British Library, was awarded the Webber Prize 1987 for this translation shortly before he died.

Author de Leon, Moses
Coauthor Tishby, Isaiah
Translator Goldstein, David
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 1,654 pp.
Publisher Littman Library 1994
Series The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization
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Platinum Medal


Platinum Medal Essential Reading

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