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Dreambody (2nd Edition)

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The cornerstone connecting somatic experiences with dreams and myths and fairy tales, describing the author’s transition from Jungian Psychology to process work.

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Dreambody is the foundational introduction to process oriented psychology, by its founder Arnold Mindell, an MIT Physicist and Jungian Analyst. The Dreambody bridges the gaps between depth psychology, somatic psychology, spirituality, and energy based mind-body practices.

"With his 'Dreambody' concept Mindell (1984, 2000) developed a treatment modality that addresses the whole person and helps us integrate illness in a meaningful way. He differentiates between the everyday world of practical activities in which consensual views of reality reign and a more symbolic, numinous realm that is governed by more dreamlike events. Symptoms are seen as an attempt to compensate the one-sidedness of consensual reality and as a link to the world of sentient experiences.

Mainstream views structure our experience of normality, what we perceive as functional or dysfunctional, normal or deviant, healthy or unhealthy. It influences the way we feel about certain group of people (e.g. the elderly) and various types of bodies (e.g. the thin and the obese body, the ill or diseased body). These mainstream value orientations dominate our views about life and act like Procrustes. They force us to marginalize disapproved parts of our personality."       ~Pierre Morin, MD, Ph.D.

"Most of the modern body work known to me is basically materialistic in outlook; even many of the Eastern teachings have taken that turn too. A viewpoint that tries to keep a balance between mind and body is very much needed. Every dream image can thus be seen as belonging to that in-between realm, referring equally to the mind and to the physiological body. I therefore hope that Dr. Mindell's pioneering work will encourage more research in this still unknown realm of experience."       ~Marie-Louise von Franz, 1982

"There was a gap between depth psychology and focus on the body, as if these two perspectives on the human experience were different worlds. The Dreambody bridged it by describing an underlying process that is both dream and body, and this opened up whole new perspectives..."       ~Serge Prengel, Editor, Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy


“The Dreambody itself hovers between body sensation and mythic visualization.”


Together with their many colleagues in Portland and around the world, Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell are co-founders of the original school of process oriented psychology in Zurich, Switzerland in the early 1980’s. Today, the Mindells consult and work as facilitators on community and conflict problems for groups, cities and governments worldwide. They teach process work, give personal therapy and classes in their home city of Portland, Oregon, USA and work in many places around the world.

Author Mindell, Arnold
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 304 pp.
Publisher Lao Tse Press 1998
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