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This is perhaps the finest book ever written on astrology and relationships.

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In this complete, classic guide to astrology and relationships, Robson goes far beyond the usual "his planets vs: her planets." He studies the overall weight of the two charts, the fertility of the inner planets, the condition of the 7th house. He compares her-planets-to- his-planets as well as his-houses-to-her-houses.

Robson considers how strongly the individual wants relationships - and how many, whether he/she will marry early or late - or not at all, the likelihood of children, the possibility of divorce. He gives rules for wedding dates. In an extraordinary appendix, he lists some 266 classified rules & aphorisms, culled from many ancient sources.


"Astrology and Sex devotes many chapters to uncovering details from individual natal charts, as it explores such things as the 'sex outlook of the signs', the seventh house and the influence of planets therein, sexual abnormalities, 'irregular and illegal unions', and more. The author discusses the techniques available to approximate the time when a person is most likely to marry. He also devotes a chapter to the 'details' that can be found in the natal chart. He is a proponent of derivative houses for examining details with regards to the character and position of the marriage partner, for example.

The final chapter collects numerous rules and aphorisms about relationships. Here we have such statements as 'When the Moon separates from Mars and applies to Saturn in a nocturnal birth, many inconveniences will be suffered through women.' These probably shouldn't be taken too literally. These include house positions of the ruler of the seventh and rulers of houses in the seventh house, and various other details. This book is not always for the faint of heart! However, it is a delightful read and in many ways instructive for modern astrologers. The work is a classic."

British curator of Geology and Paleontology in the British Museum. He was an accomplished and precise mathematician and a pro astrologer, eclectic, studied, with an extensive library. He edited Modern Astrology with Bessie Leo for 11 years after Alan Leo died. His books include Astrology and Human Sex Life. His books on electional astrology, fixed stars, and relationships, are 20th century classics.

Author Robson, Vivian
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 250 pp.
Publisher Astrology Classics 2005
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