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Buddhist Sutras: Origin, Development, Transmission

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The history of Buddhism's transmission from India to the countries where it flourished is in essence the story of the transmission of the teachings recorded in its sutras, or scriptures.

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This book offers an engrossing account both of the origin and development of the sutras and of the priests who braved perilous journeys and mastered unfamiliar languages in order to carry the sutras to new lands. Because of China's signal role in the history of Buddhism - as home to the greatest of scriptural translators and birthplace of most of the extant sects of Mahayana Buddhism - the story of the transmission of the sutras to China is particularly important.


"Heartily recommended."     ~The Middle Way

Author Mizuno, Kogen
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 220 pp.
Publisher Kosei Publishing 1989
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