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Masters and the Path, The

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Mr. Leadbeater writes about the personalities of the Masters, their homes, their work, their nature and their powers.

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He also describes the various stages of the Path the aspirant has to tread to reach them, from probation to acceptance as their disciple, and beyond.


The Existence of the Masters; The Physical Bodies of the Masters; The Way of the Master; Probation; Acceptance; Other Presentations; the First Initiation; The Ego; The Second and Third Initiations; The Higher Initiations; The Work of the Masters; The Chohans and the Rays; The Trinity and the Triangles; The Wisdom in the Triangles; The Power in the Triangles.


"THE existence of Perfected Men is one of the most important of the many new facts which Theosophy puts before us. It follows logically from the other great Theosophical teachings of karma and evolution by reincarnation. As we look round us we see men obviously at all stages of their evolution - many far below ourselves in development, and others who in one way or another are distinctly in advance of us. Since that is so, there may well be others who are very much further advanced; indeed, if men are steadily growing better and better through a long series of successive lives, tending towards a definite goal, there should certainly be some who have already reached that goal.

Some of us in the process of that development have already succeeded in unfolding some of those higher senses which are latent in every man, and will be the heritage of all in the future; and by means of those senses we are enabled to see the ladder of evolution extending far above us as well as far below us, and we can also see that there are men standing upon every rung of that ladder."

Author Leadbeater, C. W.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 322 pp.
Publisher Theosophical Publishing House 1998
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