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Product no.: 978-0-553-38311-9
In this powerful guide, astrology expert Jan Spiller shows you how the practical science of astrology can lead to real-life results in the realm of intimate relationships.

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Moving beyond the commonly known sun-sign profiles, Spiller delves into the meanings and mysteries of your personal North Node—the vital point where the orbits of the earth, moon, and sun intersect—to help you bring love into your life.

For more than thirty years, she has studied how the effects of the Nodes of the Moon help us steer our life force in positive ways, accept the possibilities the universe has placed in our path, and stop sabotaging relationships. By locating the position of your North Node, which can be found in the chart provided, and the house in which it falls in an important relationship, Spiller helps you discover the astrological, psychological, and spiritual tools to:

  • Learn the secrets to open up intamacy and enjoy satisfying, lifelong romance
  • Move beyond old hurts that can tear a relationship apart
  • Allow others to be themselves–and not try to change them
  • Experiment with new ways of interacting in important relationships

Discover what gifts your partner brings to you–and what gifts you bring to your partner Navigate the energy of pastlife connections Jan Spiller is a worldwide leader in astrology. She teaches regularly at New Age and astrology conferences and is the author of New Moon Astrology, Astrology for the Soul, and Spiritual Astrology. She lives in New York City and Charleston, South Carolina.


"Since the Moon’s nodes are always opposite one another in the zodiac, they naturally suggest relationship dynamics. Spiller uses the lunar nodes as a tool for seeing the 'Big Picture' of why someone has come into your life and 'what you can do to bring out the positive potential in your relationship.' She conducted research with many clients over the years and has seriously considered their experiences and responses.

She believes that the nodes 'are operating at a tremendously deep, foundational level in the personality' and, furthermore, that they show our unconscious blocks to intimacy."      ~The Mountain Astrologer

Author Spiller, Jan
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 457 pp.
Publisher Bantam Books 2008
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