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Purification Papers, The: The Evolution of God and Man (Updated and Expanded)

Product no.: 978-0578007625
A documented, theological work of epic proportions seeks to comprehend thousands of years of Human history by revealing an awe-inspiring, living cosmos and the Divine plan to restore fallen Humanity to its original grace.

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Underscoring this unprecedented evolution of God and Man, religious scholar Daniel Briggs brings to light the astrophysical foundations supporting sacred calendar convergences currently taking place this decade, turning point in our 26,000-year history. According to Briggs, our Solar calendar distinguished by four seasons, each enfolding three months, synchronistically emulates the Precessional Year, an astronomical 25,920-year megacycle composed of four distinct 6,480-year Epochs (Yugas), each of which enfolds a trinity of 2,160-year Ages (Aeons). As all these superimposed cycles are coming to a close simultaneously, transformational times are upon the Human Race.

Daniel Briggs spent more than 20 years immersed in research, carefully studying and deciphering numerous important scriptures and scientific texts in order to bring this illuminating book to readers. Defying genres and effortlessly interweaving the significant prophecies of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and the Hopi Elders with religious scriptures of ancient Judeo-Christianity, core precepts of messianic Mahayana Buddhist sutras and the heady physics of Zero Point Energy, Dark Matter and the Akashic Multiverse, Briggs has condensed his research and bound it in a cohesive, understandable and clear manuscript — an esoteric history for anyone who is seeking to know more about the Age they are living in.

“We, too, suspend our disbelief long enough to acknowledge the possibility of a living, anthropomorphic God (Tathagata in Buddhist nomenclature) and find ourselves better prepared to deal with the ephemeral ‘birth pangs’ necessary to usher in a brave new world,” says Briggs, who developed the book based on articles he contributed to the newsletter of Mandala Books, a well-known metaphysical and spiritual bookstore in Northern California.

"Author Daniel Briggs has done a lot of work to put together this remarkable compilation of evidence that we are inevitably heading toward a major shift in consciousness. I was very impressed: he must have read hundreds of books in his research of this compilation. It includes history going back to matriarchal times, biblical times, esoteria, alien influences, the Mayans (of course), the Bible code, Terence McKenna's analysis of the I-Ching, and much, much, MUCH more! Modern events such as 9-11 and OJ Simpson are weaved into the prophecies.

Though I have read a great deal on the vast majority of these topics, I was nonetheless surprised and shocked by tidbits of info, such as the concept that men actually leave energy lines in women during sex, and these take 7 years to go away. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell went into Samadhi during his space flight. I was most astonished to learn that even hard-headed engineering types have concluded that this shift is inevitable as we head toward zero point energy. There is hope on the horizon!

I love how Mr. Briggs suggests we will develop siddhis (powers) after the shift: 'Attendance at the Hogwarts schools of the new Golden Age promises inconceivable thrills as we develop our God-given siddhis in a natural and controlled environment. Without doubt, the most popular class will be flying. Sporadic levitations have been recorded throughout history, mostly connected with an overpowering euphoric vision: rapture.' My only complaint about this book is that there is no introduction for us to get the overall picture of what the book is about, nor is there an author bio. But if you want a summary of all things pointing to a major shift, this is a great read!"     ~Susan Schenck, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewers

"The Purification Papers is an attempt to join together various religious texts, astrological and scientific studies, and 'codes' to prove that the prophetic end of days is upon us, and a new messianic age is about to begin. Originally, a series of events was supposed to unravel in such a way that a comet similar to Hale-Bopp was scheduled to collide with Earth on December 21, 2012. According to Briggs and his sources, this has been delayed due to a 'divine intervention' of King Hussein of Jordan falling ill in 1996 when a meeting was scheduled with Benjamin Netanyahu. This meeting was apparently supposed to be the catalyst for World War III, but for one reason or another has been delayed.

Don’t fret though: according to Briggs, World War III and the subsequent end times are not far off. A prominent world figure strikingly similar to President Obama named 'Mabus' is the living Antichrist and will soon wipe out Christianity by raiding the Vatican and using Hitler-like techniques to create a culture of hatred towards Christians. Shortly thereafter, a comet will come and strike down most of the world’s population, sparing a few special souls mostly inhabiting the Americas. Following the devastation of this comet, a new Messianic Golden Age will occur and the world will continue to go on."         ~Beth Harper, Verbicide Magazine

"The balance of power has stabilized somehow, but the pendulum will soon finish its swing. Of course, it’s not considered good manners to point out the obvious infection, the disease, but it’s vitally important to see the big picture, so as not to despair when things get ugly. What we don’t know can hurt us, since we might give up too soon. Castaneda’s warrior knew first of all, that he is waiting, and secondarily, what he is waiting for. Hesse’s Siddhartha had all the necessary skills for Life: he could think, fast and wait. The Kali Yuga must run her fixed course and, as with the Borg, resistance is futile—we must wait, but with absolute certainty of what we are waiting for.

Blind faith won’t do in a modern age.

The incredible anxiety that grips our Civilization today is the subconscious knowledge that we are indeed wrapping up the grand Human experiment of free will. The phenomenal success of Cameron’s Titanic was more than just the result of a good script with CGI cutting-edge technology. The Millennial timing struck a tone of truth within our collective Psyche—the stark symbolism of greedy, materialistic Westerners trapped in a boat that is slowly sinking. And this should haunt the vast majority because, contrary to the old adage, we’re not all in the same boat. Those who have trod upon the straight and narrow, though sidetracking through some colorful landscapes with Lucy in the sky, need not get caught up in the morphic field of fear that is manifesting. * [See Proverbs 3.25]

We have but to wait…"

Author Briggs, Daniel
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 200 pp.
Publisher Mandala Books, LLC   2016
Series Teacher's Edition
Platinum Medal

Platinum Medal


Platinum Medal Essential Reading

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