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Purification Papers, The: The Evolution of God and Man (Revised and Expanded)

Purification Papers, The: The Evolution of God and Man (Revised and Expanded)

Product no.: 978-0692156926
An underground classic, this documented, theological work of epic proportions is now updated and expanded with a new Preface, Glossary of Terms and Afterword.

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The Purification Papers seeks to comprehend thousands of years of Human history by revealing an anthropomorphic, living Cosmos and its supernal intention to restore fallen Humanity to her original Grace.

Underscoring this unprecedented evolution of God and Man, syncretic scholar Daniel Briggs brings to light the scientific foundations supporting sacred calendar convergences currently taking place this decade, turning point in our 26,000-year history!

According to Briggs, our Solar calendar distinguished by four seasons, each enfolding three months, synchronistically emulates its higher prototype, the Precessional Year, an astronomical 25,920-year megacycle composed of four distinct 6,480-year Epochs (i.e., Hindu Yugas), each of which enfolds a trinity of 2,160-year Ages (Aeons). All hierarchically nested waves that are closing now simultaneously at the culmination of the Platonic Year to manifest a miracle—a monumental paradigm shift unsurpassed since that of the Copernican Revolution.

"That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing."   ~Hermes Trismegistus, translated by Sir Isaac Newton

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"Author Daniel Briggs has done a lot of work to put together this remarkable compilation of evidence that we are inevitably heading toward a major shift in consciousness. I was very impressed: he must have read hundreds of books in his research of this compilation. It includes history going back to matriarchal times, biblical times, esoterica, alien influences, the Mayans (of course), the Bible code, Terence McKenna's analysis of the I-Ching, and much, much, MUCH more! Modern events such as 9-11 and OJ Simpson are weaved into the prophecies.

Though I have read a great deal on the vast majority of these topics, I was nonetheless surprised and shocked by tidbits of info, such as the concept that men actually leave energy lines in women during sex, and these take 7 years to go away. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell went into Samadhi during his space flight. I was most astonished to learn that even hard-headed engineering types have concluded that this shift is inevitable as we head toward zero point energy. There is hope on the horizon!

I love how Mr. Briggs suggests we will develop siddhis (powers) after the shift: 'Attendance at the Hogwarts schools of the new Golden Age promises inconceivable thrills as we develop our God-given siddhis in a natural and controlled environment. Without doubt, the most popular class will be flying. Sporadic levitations have been recorded throughout history, mostly connected with an overpowering euphoric vision: rapture.' My only complaint about this book is that there is no introduction for us to get the overall picture of what the book is about, nor is there an author bio. But if you want a summary of all things pointing to a major shift, this is a great read!"        ~Susan Schenck, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewers

"Book II laid a theoretical foundation of hierarchy based upon the world's most reputable and revered sacred texts, somehow still extant. Augmenting Darwinian Nature, our sources established a continuous chain of evolution extending from Man, incrementally, up to a Godhead—a pyramid of Lords (gods and goddesses), each according to rank and dimension, that culminates with a supreme Being. The buck stops with an incandescent Singularity that functions in a Self-sacrificial mode as a source of Unlimited Light—an anthropomorphic rock of ages who keeps the entire chain in check within a matrix of inexorable evolution—upwards, toward the Good.

We learned how the living God evolves, with no end and no beginning, by continually renewing its Self through the evolutionary thrust of a lower entity's metamorphosis—a perpetual Rose that always smells the same whether the name be Jesus, Yahweh, Buddha, Brahma, Krishna or Allah. The elementary hypostasis simply requires a singular Mind to keep the ongoing, ontological 'dream' of Creation in stasis. In the Torah this Overlord is Elohim, the Most High God/Goddess, the etymology of the hallowed Hebrew word revealing a polarized, superessential Entity—one Active (dynamic), the other Passive (static). The highest secret, so profound and paradoxical that even the astute Greek mind couldn't wrap itself around the idea of God's dualistic image co-existing with the Neo-Platonic One.

Extant Eastern teachings, however, still carry a few references to the Judaic revelation of a personal, dynamic God. In the Vedic scriptures of Dravidian India, the Supreme Being was Manu. Within the original Theravada Buddhism of two millennia ago, He was acknowledged as the Universal Monarch, Lord Buddha. From the land of snows, Vajrasattva is the archetypal personification of Power. Persian Zoroastrianism refers to the unbegotten Creator as the Lord of Light, Ahura Mazda.

We have seen how the original YHVH Elohim of our Galaxy chose a uniquely qualified tribe of Humans to engender His replacement—how the parthenogenic birth of the Immaculate Mother enabled the preternatural birth of the Avatar. His only remaining task to establish a new contract with the next God (Himself, as it turned out) and pay His dues for the corruption inculcated to the races through sexual misconduct as Adam the protoplast, in the dawn of Time. Thus the Messiah's final incarnation: the great conundrum that awoke the West, bringing the occulted Eastern truth to light as the paradox of the Trinity was finally grokked three hundred years later (First Council of Nicea)—through subtle clues left by the enlightened Saul/Paul, together with the cryptic use of Greek terminology employed by the great Initiate, John the Revelator."     ~Book III: The Matriarchy

Author Briggs, Daniel
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 200 pp.
Publisher Mandala Books, LLC   2018
Series 2nd Edition
Platinum Medal

Platinum Medal


Platinum Medal Essential Reading

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