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Unholy Alliance

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Engagingly written, Unholy Alliance is a comprehensive, popular history of the occult background and roots of the Nazi movement.

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Levenda takes readers through the teachings of Madame Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, the Thule Gesellschaft - the occult secret society that formed the ideological heart of the early Nazi Party - the Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Order of the Eastern Temple and demonstrates how each influenced Nazi ideology.

He also details the expedition to Tibet of the Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society, comprised of the same SS officers who would later be involved in grisly medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners. Levenda traces the Nazis' movements as they continued their activities after the war or morphed into neo-Nazi, skinhead, and satanic groups, such as the Christian Identity and White Aryan Resistance movements.

Levenda's is not only a "major work of investigative reporting," but also the striking story of the unholy alliance between politics and religion - or politics and occultism - that has dominated events in Europe and the Americas since World War I, with all its implications for continuing racial and religious violence in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

"Unholy Alliance is a treasure of scholarly details about the relatively unelucidated chamber of history where the Nazi Party and a number of higher practitioners of the occult came together and flew apart. So it is a book of startling and sinister coincidences, of murder, magic, and mysterious questions there for us to pursue. Needless to say, it’s highly readable."      ~Norman Mailer

"The basic details of Hitler's life story are so well known, and so well documented in other sources, that to repeat them here would cheat the reader who is, after all, looking for the occult angle to the mystery of the Third Reich. Let us concentrate then on those aspects of Hitler's life that reveal occult interests and involvements, all the while remembering what has been said here before: that there is no evidence that Hitler ever actually joined an occult society per se, but that the evidence for his fascination with occult themes and subjects is extensive and that a great portion of the program of the Third Reich concerning race, Jews, Freemasons, genetic engineering, etc., was the veritable platform of the volkisch and Pan-German occult lodges carried out in actual practice, a platform Hitler inherited from Liebenfels, Rosenberg, and Eckart during his early days in Vienna and Munich. Indeed, his major argument with the occult lodges was only that they had been unable to carry out their programs in the real world.

Hitler, in a sense, had mastered himself and the 'real world' to an extent that men like Mathers and even Crowley had not, but wished to. That is - not satisfied with phony titles and the accumulation of pedigrees and initiations that typified the fin de siecle occultist - he was able to take his occult beliefs and enact them on the world stage to a degree undreamed of by mainstream occult philosophers. In that sense, then, he was a tool of the occultists. More, he was their Creature."      ~3. The Occult Messiah

Author Levenda, Peter
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 444 pp.
Publisher Continuum 2002
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