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Sacred History, The

Product no.: 978-1451698572
The Sacred History is the epic story of human interaction with angels and other forms of higher intelligence, starting from Creation all the way through to the operations of the supernatural in the modern world.

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What emerges is an alternative history of great men and women, guided by angels or demons, and the connection between modern-day mystics and their ancient counterparts. This spellbinding historical narrative brings together great figures— such as Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Elijah, Mary and Jesus and Mohammed—and stories from African, Native American and Celtic traditions.

Woven into this is an amazing array of mystical connections, including the surprising roots not only of astrology and alternative medicine but also of important literary and artistic movements, aspects of mainstream science and religion and a wide range of cultural references that takes in modern cinema, music and literature.

This is a book of true stories, but it is also a book about stories. It shows how they can tell us things about the deep structure of the human experience that are sometimes forgotten, revealing mysterious and mystic patterns, and helping us to see the operation of the supernatural in our own lives.

"Weirdly plausible... excellent."      ~The Times (London)

"Mark Booth has written a masterpiece. From the moment I began reading this book, I knew Booth had accomplished a remarkable feat of repositioning ancient knowledge in such a way that we see truth through yet another lens. I absolutely loved this book."        ~Caroline Myss  

"This is the most controversial book I have ever reviewed... What an amazing piece of work!"     ~Colin Wilson

"In the visions of the mystics, the process of creation began when God began to think—when thoughts began to emanate from the mind of God, wave after wave of them. And in the same way that wave after wave dashing upon the shore smooths the pebbles on the beach, so wave after wave coming out of the mind of God fashioned the first matter.

Look at this mystic version of events more closely, look with imagination, and you can see that these waves of thoughts are actually made up of millions of angels. The first wave is made up of gigantic angels who fill the whole cosmos. Next comes a wave of lesser angels which the greatest angels have helped to create, and together these generate a third wave of smaller angels. This sequence flows down until we finally reach minute spiritual beings. They work to weave together what we recognize as the material world around us, the rocks and stones and trees.

Equating the thoughts of God with angels may seem odd. These days we tend to have a lowly conception of our own thoughts, seeing them as abstract things which hardly exist at all. But there is an older, perhaps more illuminating way of looking at thoughts that comes from the great religions. This sees thoughts as living beings, with a level of independent existence and a life of their own as we send them off into the world to do our bidding."

Mark Booth taught philosophy and theology at Oriel College, Oxford, and has worked in publishing for more than twenty years. He is currently the publishing director at Century in London.

Author Booth, Mark
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 528 pp.
Publisher Atria Books 2017
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