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Inner Journey, The: Myth, Psyche, and Spirit

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For over thirty years the quarterly journal, Parabola: Tradition, Myth and the Search for Meaning, has supported the individual seeker's quest for meaning.

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This rich collection of essays, stories, and meditations is culled from Parabola's entire history and unfolds for readers the majesty of the human task. From the opening chapter that asks What Is Myth? to the last exploring The Marriage of Heaven and Earth, readers are accompanied by the leading voices of the last and present centuries. They include such luminaries as P. L. Travers, A. K. Coomaraswamy, Carl Jung, and many more, speaking in lucid, loving prose about what is eternal and immortal in all times.

"Over the years Parabola, in each of its issues devoted to a central theme of the human condition as it is and as it might be, has gathered remarkable material. The Call, Awakening, Food, Initiation, Dreams and Seeing, Liberation, The Mask, Attention: in these and in scores of other issues, a facet of the essential search is explored, always with the aim of casting light on the way.

The purpose of the Parabola Anthology Series is to gather the material published in Parabola during its first thirty years in order to focus this light, and to reflect the inner dimensions of each of these traditions. While every religious tradition has both external and inner aspects, the aim of each is the transformation of the whole being. The insights and understandings that ring true and carry the vibration of an inner meaning can provide guidance and support for our quest, but a mere mechanical repetition of forms which were once charged with great energy can take us away from the heart of the teaching. Every tradition must change and evolve; it has to be re-interpreted and re-understood by successive generations in order to maintain its relevance and application."

Editor Heyneman, Martha
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 376 pp.
Publisher Morning Light Press 2008
Series Parabola Anthology Series
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