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Astrology: A Cosmic Science

Astrology: A Cosmic Science

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Hickey emphasizes a spiritual perspective that shows how to use astrology as a roadmap to a more meaningful and fulfilling way of life.

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A perennial best-seller, the definitive work on the interplay of astrology, karma and reincarnation. Her inspirational approach stresses our ability to tap into the power of our Higher Self in order to make changes in our character, and thus to shape our own destiny.

Isabel believed in reincarnation and dedicated her life to helping others become more attuned to universal laws.

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“She believed that astrology without a spiritual connection was hollow. You had to love the person you were reading a chart for. She felt the astrological chart was like a road map that people could use, but it was necessary to see the spiritual principles that were underlying it. She once stated that during a conversation that if you were looking down at the chart and not into the person’s eyes, you were probably not a good astrologer. It was necessary to operate from a caring and loving space in order to be effective when dealing with peoples’ lives.”            ~Joe Crinita


"The planets beyond Saturn were given to us to speed up our earth's evolution. The term 'Prisoner' or 'Captive Planet' used in some discussions of Pluto may also be correct. It is truly a dark planet. Clairvoyant investigation shows it to be a prison house for those who over eons of time have refused to take the path of evolution. The fact that at its perihelion (the closest point to the Sun in her orbit) Pluto is closer to the Sun than Neptune at its aphelion (furthest position from the Sun in its orbit) gives food for thought to the spiritually curious student. If compassion and empathy (the very essence of Neptune) are as far away from the individual as is possible, a regeneration (Pluto) is necessary.

Pluto, cover-up for Minerva, goddess of Wisdom, in its highest meaning relates to Universal Consciousness. There are some who have to go down into the darkness to find her. The descent into Hell (or Hades) of Dante's Divine Comedy gives a clue to the meaning of Pluto. There is always a descent into the darkness of the underworld of ourselves before we can ascend.

At the beginning of Dante's Divine Comedy, he finds himself in a dark forest and very dejected. Then he sees a hill illuminated by the Sun, and meets Virgil who is the symbol of human reason. Dante sets out to climb the hill, but wild beasts, representing the unconscious darkness in himself, bar the way. He must first make the pilgrimage through (not around) Hell, or the depth of his own underworld."

Author Hickey, Isabel M.
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 280 pp.
Publisher New Pathways 1990
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