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Platinum Medal Essential Reading

Platinum Medal Essential Reading


26 superessential masterworks inaugurate our most elevated echelon of esoterica.

"Then, I know another mystery, that books will be given to the righteous and the wise to become a cause of joy
and uprightness and much wisdom. And to them shall the books be given, and they shall believe in them and rejoice
over them, and then shall all the righteous who have learnt therefrom all the paths of uprightness be recompensed."


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Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus
Product no.: 0-425-10327-7
The great psychic filled some gaping holes in the biography of Jesus, and left the world with a legacy of Truth that cuts through the mythology.

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Mystical Theology and The Divine Names, The
Product no.: 0-48643-4591
The treatises and letters of Dionysius the Areopagite, written in Greek, were intended to combine Neoplatonic philosophy with Christian theology and mystical experience.

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Dhammapada, The (Path of Virtue)
Product no.: 0-8112-0004-3
Highly revered by the Theravadin or Elder School as the essential teachings of the historical Buddha, translation of this ancient Pali scripture was a labor of love and devotion by Babbitt.

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Tales of Power
Product no.: 0-671-73252-8
In the fourth leg of this incredible, revelatory biography, Carlos Castaneda at last completes the long journey into the world of sorcery that began with his now-legendary meeting with don Juan.

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Heaven and Hell
Product no.: 978-0877854760
This new translation of Swedenborg’s most popular work paints a detailed picture of life in the spiritual realms.

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Logos-Structure of the World, The
Product no.: 0-940262-48-7
This is no ordinary text. It is a guide to philosophical experience - to the experience of cognition itself.

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Phenomenon of Man, The
Product no.: 0-06-090495-X
Le Phenomene Humain, issued in France, was immediately pronounced one of the outstanding publishing events of the century.

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Bhagavad Gita, The
Product no.: 0-911206-09-4
It is the essence of Vedic knowledge and one of the most important Upanishads in Vedic literature.

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Book of Jubilees, The
Product no.: 1-58509-238-X
The Book of Jubilees, or, as it is sometimes called, "the Little Genesis", purports to be a revelation given by God to Moses through the medium of the Angel of the Presence.

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Process and Reality (Corrected Edition)
Product no.: 0-02-934570-7
Every real-life object may be understood as a series of events and processes.

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