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Cosmobiology is the name given to an innovative astrological system developed by German astrologer
Reinhold Ebertin in the 1920s. Ebertin had been a student of Alfred Witte,
but rejected elements of his teacher's Uranian Astrology.

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Chiron and the Healing Journey
Product no.: 0-14-019209-3
An increasing number of astrologers are beginning to integrate Chiron, finding it particularly useful in the areas of counseling and psychologically oriented work. Many a successful cycle of healing has been started under auspicious transits of Chiron.

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Christian Astrology (Deluxe Edition)
Product no.: 0-948472-00-6
The 1647 publication of Lilly's masterwork was an extremely fortuitous event, incorporating all the Greco-Roman astrological wealth of knowledge preceding that era. An important historical text for all serious students of astrology, especially horary.

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Classical Astrology for Modern Living
Product no.: 0-924608-24-2
Using methods developed by ancient Astrologers, Lee Lehman works to strengthen techniques used today. The task of Classical Astrology today is twofold: to recover these techniques and to evaluate and understand them within a modern context.

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Combination of Stellar Influences, The
Product no.: 0-86690-087-X
Explains the development of cosmobiology - which uses the 90 degree dial - and teaches the methods of this progressive school of astrology. A fundamental textbook of cosmobiology written by the German authority on the subject, Ebertin.

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Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior
Product no.: 0-943358-23-X
In his 1973 landmark thesis, Dr. Gauquelin scientifically validated the existence of a correlation between the state of the solar system and human experience. This new edition includes his latest findings on the planetary factors in personality.

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Cosmic Loom: The New Science of Astrology
Product no.: 0-04-133027-7
Describing astrology as "the greatest truth in the world", the author tackles the scientific, moral and religious objections to astrology.

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Product no.: 0-9628031-0-3
For the first time, Scofield reveals the myth and meaning behind Aztec and Maya astrology.

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Delineation of Progressions
Product no.: 0-86690-280-5
Progressions reveal the unfoldment of life and the changes that may alter or otherwise affect our physical body as we begin to evolve. Mason's textbook remains the standard reference work on secondary progressions for the advanced astrologer.

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Directional Astrology (1921)
Product no.: 0-948472-02-2
Walter Gorn Old (Sepharial) was a key figure in the development of modern and predictive astrology. He worked closely with Alan Leo from 1888 and introduced him to Theosophy, which ultimately gave birth to the Astrological Lodge in London.

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Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts
Product no.: 0-86690-258-9
The significance of solar and lunar eclipse sequences, sign infuence, house meanings, aspect emphasis and delineation of eclipse location charts.

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