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Cosmobiology is the name given to an innovative astrological system developed by German astrologer
Reinhold Ebertin in the 1920s. Ebertin had been a student of Alfred Witte,
but rejected elements of his teacher's Uranian Astrology.

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Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology
Product no.: 0-87728-753-8
Dr. Cornell gave up his medical practice in 1918 and devoted his life to research in medical astrology. His mammoth encyclopedia, the classic reference work in the field, was first published in 1933.

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Encyclopedia of Astrology, The
Product no.: 1-53810-104-1
From Aaron's Rod (a caduceus) to Zodiacus Vitae (an Elizabethan schoolbook), this Encyclopedia has long been the classic among astrological reference works.

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Essential Dignities
Product no.: 0-924608-03-X
By researching ancient manuscripts and sources, the ancient system of essential dignities or planetary rulerships is recovered. What was nearly lost is given new power and the potential for understanding.

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Expanding Astrology's Universe
Product no.: 0-917086-49-X
Dr. Dobyns begins with a discussion of her basic twelve letter alphabet of astrology, then tackles heavier stuff - locality charts, current patterns (including Kinetic Returns), new asteroids, the twelfth house, charts of several psychic healers.

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Fated Sky, The
Product no.: 0-7432-6895-0
The Fated Sky explores both the history of astrology and the controversial subject of its influence in history. It is the first serious book to fully engage astrology in this way.

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Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology, The
Product no.: 1-53810-103-3
The distillation of practically everything published on fixed stars since the Middle Ages, the gist of some 200 books. Among the many authors cited are Ptolemy, Wilson, Simmonite, Pearce, Bullinger, Alvidas and R. H. Allen. Reprint of the 1923 classic.

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Great Year, The
Product no.: 0-14-019296-4
Are we, as some contemporary writers think, coming to the End of History? Or is the belief in Millennarianism and the imminent dawning of a New Age nothing more than a collective delusion?

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Healing Signs
Product no.: 0-385-49815-2
The author of Vedic Astrology clearly describes the health concerns specific to each sign and then suggests the most effective alternative therapies, including exercise, diet, meditation, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

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Introduction to the Study of Astrology, An
Product no.: 1-56459-406-8
This Kessinger facsimile, containing rare examples and techniques dealing with a specialized field of astrology - horary - is a valuable companion piece to William Lilly's 17th century masterwork, Christian Astrology.

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Lifeclock (Complete in One Volume)
Product no.: 0-87728-803-8
Previously published as two separate volumes, this new edition covers the complete Huber Method of working with the Age Point, a practical application of age progression in daily life, as well as in the realm of personal development.

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