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Cosmobiology is the name given to an innovative astrological system developed by German astrologer
Reinhold Ebertin in the 1920s. Ebertin had been a student of Alfred Witte,
but rejected elements of his teacher's Uranian Astrology.

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Prediction in Astrology
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The prediction technique of solar arcs is resourceful and powerful. It is based on concepts of primary directions formulated by Ptolemy early in the second century, but this technique, refined over centuries, is much simpler.

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Rulership Book, The
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Classic, exhaustive listing of astrological rulerships, organized by alphabet, sign, planet, house and anatomy. Includes rulerships for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

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Stars, The: How and Where They Influence
Product no.: 0-89540-187-8
Tesla demonstrated that the earth is at a relatively constant electrical charge of some seven million volts. All material bodies are in a state of relative charge - man, atoms, earth, planets and stars, and this manifests as love, cohesion, magnetism.

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Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology
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One of the keys to a vital, comprehensive, interpretation of a chart is the art of synthesis, the capacity to take the parts of the chart and combine them into a coherent whole.

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The Tetrabiblos of the famous astronomer and geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus (ca. 100–178 AD) of Egypt consists of four books, the title given in some manuscripts meaning "Mathematical Treatise in Four Books", in others "The Prognostics addressed to Syrus".

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Tetrabiblos (Four Books)
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The famous 1822 translation by J. M. Ashmand. The cornerstone of Western Astrology, Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos is the source of many of the concepts that still guide Astrology.

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Trutine of Hermes, The
Product no.: 1-85230-131-7
An essay about the conception correction method, based on E. H. Bailey's Prenatal Epoch, the Trutine (or Rule) of Hermes. The Trutina Hermetis says that the sign in which the Moon was found at the conception would be the Ascendant in the nativity.

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Ultimate Asteroid Book, The
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The first asteroid, Ceres, was discovered on January 1, 1801 by M. Piazzi. Since then, 2200 asteroids have been confirmed.

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Working with Astrology
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We shall see how the use of midpoints and harmonics can show us what each planetary story can be and what specific information each different perspective has to offer. Your astrology will take on deeper vitality and become a daily source of revelation.

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