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Karma and Reincarnation

Karma and Reincarnation

"If the evils we suffer are the result of sins committed in our past lives, we can bear them with resignation
and hope that if in this one we strive toward virtue our future lives will be less afflicted."

~The Razor's Edge, W. Somerset Maugham

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Companions Along the Way
Product no.: 0-449-21221-1
Details of a Group Karmic experience that extends over thousands of years.

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Dancing in the Light
Product no.: 0-553-27557-7
In 1984 she won an Academy Award, starred on Broadway, wrote the best-selling Out on a Limb - and turned fifty years old.

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Death and Dying
Product no.: 0-14-019013-9
This book draws on nine Tibetan texts - including the famous Tibetan Book of the Dead - written by Tibet's spiritual authorities.

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Death and Reincarnation
Product no.: 0-88497-038-8
There is hardly a human being who hasn't at one time or another contemplated their own mortality.

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Destiny of Souls
Product no.: 1-56718-499-5
Based on his groundbreaking research into the afterlife (Journey of Souls).

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Division of Consciousness, The
Product no.: 1-57174-053-8
Drawing on mythology, psychology, religion and science, as well as past-life regression and near-death experiences, Peter Novak explores the nuances of what really happens to the soul after death.

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Dweller on Two Planets, A (or The Dividing of the Way)
Product no.: 0-8334-0022-3

Whether occult fiction or true automatic writing, Dweller is a fascinating and exciting book, perhaps the most interesting treatise available on Atlantis, reincarnation and karma.

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Easy Death
Product no.: 0-918801-30-3
A collection of Talks on death and dying by Franklin Jones (Adi Da Samraj).

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Ecstasy Is a New Frequency
Product no.: 0-939680-41-6
The emotional body is viewed as a separate entity which vibrates at a lower rate of frequency than the physical, mental or spiritual bodies.

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Edgar Cayce's Astrology for the Soul
Product no.: 0-87604-411-9
Planetary and astrological influences have a great effect on our soul growth. This book looks at those influences as they played a role in the lives of individuals who had life readings by Edgar Cayce.

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Number: 89 Page 2 of 9