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Gods, Goddesses and Archetypes

Gods, Goddesses and Archetypes

"Archetypes are, by definition, factors and motifs that arrange the psychic elements
into certain images, characterized as archetypal, but in such a way that they
can be recognized only from the effects they produce."      ~C.G. Jung

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Pagan Grace
Product no.: 0-88214-342-5
The gift of grace, coming to us as beauty, cannot be ordered or owned, only acknowledged and served. When events take on a mythical dimension and reverberate in the soul, then we feel grace.

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Passion of the Western Mind, The
Product no.: 0-345-36809-6
Here are the great minds of Western civilization and their pivotal ideas, from Plato to Hegel, from Augustine to Nietzsche, from Copernicus to Freud.

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Planets and Possibilities
Product no.: 0-446-67806-6
In Planets and Possibilities, astrologer Susan Miller shows you how astrology can help you envision new possibilities for your future, ones you may never have considered.

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Play of God, The: Visions of the Life of Krishna
Product no.: 1-884997-07-4
Just as the call of Krishna's heavenly flute is irresistibly attractive, so this book will enchant and uplift its readers.

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Poems of Heaven and Hell From Ancient Mesopotamia
Product no.: 0-14-044249-9

A scholarly translation of The Babylonian Creation, a glorification of Marduk or Bel (Baal), the fallen gods - the Anunnaki - as builders of the tower of Babel.

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Popol Vuh
Product no.: 0-671-61771-0
Popol Vuh, the Sacred Book of the Quiché Indians, contains an account of the cosmogony, mythology, traditions, and history of this native American people.

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Product no.: 0-06-097316-1
The fascinating true stories of the women who ruled the ancient world.

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Prometheus the Awakener
Product no.: 0-88214-221-6
In the essay's thesis, Tarnas describes his realization that the planet Uranus does not correspond with Ouranos after all, but with the rebel figure Prometheus.

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Psyche and Symbol (A Selection from the Writings of C.G. Jung)
Product no.: 0-691-01903-7
The function and origin of symbols are explained in this volume.

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Question of God, The
Product no.: 0-7432-4785-X
Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis never had the pleasure of meeting. But if the two famous men had gotten together, they probably would have intensely debated the existence of God.

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