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Modern Prophets and Prescience

Modern Prophets and Prescience

"Wars only bring more wars never peace. Only by joining together in a Spiritual Peace with love in our hearts
for one another, love in our hearts for the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, shall we be saved from the
terrible Purification Day which is just ahead..."    ~Chief Dan Evehema, Hopi Sovereign Nation

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Hopi Survival Kit, The
Product no.: 0-14-019545-9
For nearly a century the Elders of Hotevilla - a tiny village on a remote Hopi reservation in Arizona - have been guarding the secrets and prophecies of a thousand-year-old covenant.

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Jesus the Pattern (Edgar Cayce Library Series, Vol.10)
Product no.: 0-87604-123-3
The most beautiful passages in the Edgar Cayce readings are those which relate the truths demonstrated in the life of Jesus.

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Lord of the World
Product no.: 978-0486803814
Belief in God has been replaced by secular humanism in this gripping tale of the apocalypse.

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Many Mansions
Product no.: 0-451-16817-8
Detailing the great contributions of psychic Edgar Cayce, Dr. Gina Cerminara examines how Cayce penetrated the "previous lives" of his subjects.

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Millennium Book of Prophecy, The (777 Visions and Predictions)
Product no.: 0-06-251077-0
This illustrated compendium of prophecy from 102 seers is full of compared and collated predictions past, present and future, both dire and utopian.

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Mystery of the Shemitah, The
Product no.: 978-1629981932
The Shemitah (shmee-TA), or Sabbath year, is the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah for the land of Israel.

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Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours
Product no.: 0-06-250763-X
A retelling of the Seneca creation story and prophesies for the future.

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Phoenix Rising
Product no.: 1-878901-62-1
In a cabin set deep in a Colorado forest, flickering firelight softens the weathered face of an aged wise woman as she quietly reveals her dramatic visions of the future.

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Purification Papers, The: The Evolution of God and Man (Revised and Expanded)
Product no.: 978-0692156926
The Purification Papers seeks to comprehend thousands of years of Human history by revealing an anthropomorphic, living Cosmos and its supernal intention to restore fallen Humanity to her original Grace.

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Return of the Bird Tribes
Product no.: 0-06-250188-7
Exploring the transformative impact of Native American spirituality on contemporary events, this is the third book in Ken Carey's bestselling "Starseed" series.

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Number: 48 Page 4 of 5