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Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

"Transpersonal psychology is the branch of psychology which integrates psychological concepts, theories, and methods 
 with the subject matter and practices of the spiritual disciplines. Its interests include spiritual and mystical experiences,
 meditative practices, ritual, shamanism, and the connections between spiritual experiences and disturbed
states such as psychosis, mania, and depression."           ~John Davis, Naropa University

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Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow
Product no.: 0-440-50160-1
The stories of many men and women who have "revised" their careers and in the process have developed healthy self actualizing personalities.

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...
Product no.: 0-7868-8185-2
In 100 two or three-page chapters, Dr. Carlson shares his ideas for living a calmer, richer life.

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Dreambody in Relationships, The
Product no.: 0-14-019092-9
New paths in relationship work, based upon training and studies of signal exchanges and myths.

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Embracing Our Selves
Product no.: 1-882591-06-2
Meet your Pusher, Critic, Pleaser, Protector/Controller, Vulnerable Child, and all the other members of your inner family.

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Embracing the Beloved
Product no.: 0-385-42527-9
The Levines turn their attention to what has been "our most significant spiritual commitment—our own relationship."

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Emotional Alchemy
Product no.: 0-609-80903-2
Full of Buddhist wisdom and stories of how people have used mindfulness to conquer self defeating emotional habits.

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Emotional Intelligence
Product no.: 0-553-37506-7
Goleman argues that our emotions play a much greater role in thought, decision making and individual success than is commonly acknowledged.

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Product no.: 0-345-36499-6
In this remarkable book, psychologist Dr. Fiore discloses 14 case studies of men and women who, while under hypnosis, have recalled being abducted by a UFO.

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End of Patriarchy, The
Product no.: 1-56937-064-8
Pioneer transpersonal psychologist Claudio Naranjo challenges the basis of the patriarchal order and illuminates how it has affected our world and our lives.

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Ending of Time, The
Product no.: 0-06-064796-5
Prepared from dialogues that took place between J. Krishnamurti and Professor David Bohm in America and in England from April and September, 1980.

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Number: 152 Page 4 of 16