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Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

"Transpersonal psychology is the branch of psychology which integrates psychological concepts, theories, and methods 
 with the subject matter and practices of the spiritual disciplines. Its interests include spiritual and mystical experiences,
 meditative practices, ritual, shamanism, and the connections between spiritual experiences and disturbed
states such as psychosis, mania, and depression."           ~John Davis, Naropa University

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Ennea-Type Structures
Product no.: 0-89556-063-1
A manual of character types, appropriate for typing oneself, with the author's recommendations for a beginning program of transformation using the enneagram material.

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Enneatypes in Psychotherapy
Product no.: 0-934252-47-5
Selected transcripts of the First International Symposium on the Personality Enneagrams, held in Pueblo Acantilado, Spain.

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Esoteric Psychology I
Product no.: 0-85330-118-2
Psychological evolution is the evolution of consciousness, by which the imbedded fragment of the soul within the personality progressively identifies its spiritual source and becomes at-one with it.

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Esoteric Psychology II
Product no.: 0-85330-119-0
This volume deals exhaustively with the ray qualities controlling the life, consciousness and appearance of a human being on the physical plane. Deals with both the Egoic Ray and the Ray of Personality.

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Product no.: 0-87728-627-2
Here you see aspects of reality that will destroy the myth of many teachers, allowing the true seeker on the path to pass through to a "spiritual reality".

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Evolution's End
Product no.: 0-06-250732-X
This passionate and provocative critique of the way we raise our children and undermine our society's future delineates the ways in which we thart our creative progress.

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Evolving Self, The
Product no.: 0-06-092192-7
The author of the bestselling Flow (more than 125,000 copies sold) offers an intelligent, inspiring guide to life in the future.

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Farther Reaches of Human Nature, The
Product no.: 0-14-019470-3
Abraham H. Maslow was one of the foremost spokespersons of humanistic psychology.

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Feeling Good Handbook, The
Product no.: 0-452-26174-0
Dr. David Burns is one of the prime developers of cognitive therapy, a fast-acting, drug-free treatment designed to help the clinically depressed.

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Fire in the Belly
Product no.: 0-553-35137-0
This book, along with Robert Bly’s Iron John, was credited with initiating the “men’s movement”.

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Number: 152 Page 5 of 16