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Neoshamanism and Entheogenic Healing

Neoshamanism and Entheogenic Healing

"The mescalin experience is what Catholic theologians call 'a gratuitous grace,' not necessary to salvation
but potentially helpful and to be accepted thankfully, if made available. To be shaken out of the ruts of ordinary
perception, to be shown for a few timeless hours the outer and the inner world, not as they appear to an animal
obsessed with survival or to a human being obsessed with words and notions, but as they are apprehended,
directly and unconditionally, by Mind at Large."              ~Aldous Huxley

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DMT and the Soul of Prophecy
Product no.: 978-1594773426
What does it mean that DMT, a simple chemical naturally found in all of our bodies, instantaneously opens us to an interactive spirit world that feels more real than our own world?

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Don Juan, Mescalito and Modern Magic
Product no.: 0-14-019016-3
A detailed survey and assessment of explorations of "inner space" from the mid-19th century in Europe to the journeys of Carlos Castaneda with Don Juan in the Mexico of the 1970s.

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Doors of Perception, The / Heaven and Hell
Product no.: 0-06-090007-5
The great English novelist's first experience with Mescaline. One of the gifted few not seduced by the enticing power of psychedelics.

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Product no.: 0-609-80216-X

Dreamgates teaches unique ways to use our dreams as portals to the worlds beyond physical reality.

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Dreaming True
Product no.: 0-671-78530-3
Through dreaming we can become active co-creators of our future, bringing positive energy and insight from a deeper reality into our physical world.

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Dreamtime & Inner Space
Product no.: 0-87773-406-2
Holger Kalweit has collected the first-person accounts of tribal shamans from Africa, Australia, Asia, Siberia, and the Americas.

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Product no.: 1-878901-063-X
In the third volume of the "No-Eyes" series, Mary learns the magic and the power of the Dreamwalkers, the rare few who have shed the yoke of desire.

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Eagle's Gift, The
Product no.: 0-671-73251-X
The sixth incredible installment takes the reader into the very heart of sorcery, challenging both imagination and reason.

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Eagle's Quest, The
Product no.: 0-671-79291-1
An acclaimed physicist takes us on a fascinating journey as he examines shamanism in the light of modern science.

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Earth Medicine
Product no.: 0-06-251063-0
The true spirit of Native American ways of knowing shines through in these heartfelt meditations, poems, and stories.

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Number: 165 Page 4 of 17