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Masterworks of the Western Mystery Tradition

Masterworks of the Western Mystery Tradition

"The peak of ourselves, the acme of our originality, is not our individuality but our person;
and according to the evolutionary structure of the world, we can only find our
person by uniting together. There is no mind without synthesis. The
same law holds good from top to bottom. The true ego grows
in inverse proportion to 'egoism'. Like the Omega
which attracts it, the element only becomes
personal when it universalizes itself."


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William Blake: The Complete Poems
Product no.: 0-14-042215-3
William Blake (1757-1827) is one of the great figures in literature, by turns poet, artist and visionary.

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Wholeness and the Implicate Order
Product no.: 0-7448-0000-5
He saw the universe as an undivided wholeness enfolded into an infinite background source that unfolds into the visible, material and temporal world of our everyday lives.

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Tyndale's New Testament ("Ploughboy" Edition, 1534)
Product no.: 0-300-06580-9
Tyndale studied at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, could speak seven languages, and became skilled in Hebrew and Greek.

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Treatise on Cosmic Fire, A (Blue Book 3)
Product no.: 0-85330-117-4
This volume deals with the underlying structure of occult teaching for the present era and with those vast cosmic processes reproduced through all areas of life from universe to atom.

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Product no.: 0-14-004748-4
Walter Kaufmann's celebrated translation, recognized as the most authoritative version in English, has not hitherto been available as a separate book.

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Temple of Man, The (Two Volume Set, Slipcased)
Product no.: 0-89281-570-1
The Apet at the South of Luxor, through its measures and proportions, its axes and orientations, reveals an architectural encyclopedia of ancient Egyptian esoteric knowledge.

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Soren Kierkegaard: Papers and Journals
Product no.: 0-14-044589-7
Alastair Hannay set out to provide as comprehensive a picture of Kierkegaard's life and work as is possible within the confines of a single manageable volume.

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Sophia: The Wisdom of God
Product no.: 0-940262-60-6
In this brave theological work, Bulgakov shows how the Divine Sophia, in whom all things are created, is present in the Holy Trinity itself.

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Search in Secret India, A
Product no.: 0-87728-602-7
The famous classic of a celebrated writer's spiritual odyssey up and down India to seek out and interview holy people.

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Republic, The
Product no.: 0-140-44914-0
Plato's Republic is widely acknowledged as the cornerstone of Western philosophy.

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