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"It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it.
Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they
must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well."     ~Albus Dumbledore

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Casey at the Bat: A Centennial Edition
Product no.: 0-87923-878-X
Few passions have created more myths in the American mind than baseball, and no poem has captured its lure or lore better than Casey at the Bat.

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Chronicles of Narnia, The (Seven Volume Set, slipcased)
Product no.: 0-06-447119-5
Narnia reflects Lewis' most deeply held beliefs in matters of faith and hope, good and evil, the truly miraculous and the miraculously true.

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Coloring Flower Mandalas
Product no.: 978-1612434575
Attain focus, clarity, and peace while adding bright and inspiring colors to these unique floral patterns.

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Coloring Mandalas (Spiralbound)
Product no.: 1-57062-583-2
Drawing the traditional circular designs known as mandalas is a meditative practice, a healing exercise in times of crisis, and a pleasurable act of creativity.

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Coloring Mandalas 2 (Spiralbound)
Product no.: 1-59030-086-6
Coloring the circular designs known as mandalas is a creative activity that brings relaxation, healing, and self-understanding.

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Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales, The
Product no.: 0-394-70930-6
This is the complete English-language edition, first published by Routledge in 1948 and re-issued in its current form.

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Crow and Weasel
Product no.: 0-06-097528-8
Long ago, when people and animals spoke the same language, two young men left their tribe to make an adventurous voyage through the wilderness, into the unknown northland.

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Education of Little Tree, The
Product no.: 0-8263-2809-1
A boy orphaned very young, is adopted by his Cherokee grandmother and half-Cherokee grandfather in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee during the Great Depression.

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Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book
Product no.: 1-56044-014-7
These original mandala designs by wholistic therapist Monique Mandali appeal to both children and adults.

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Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book, Volume 2
Product no.: 1-56044-295-6
Monique Mandali suggests more creative ways to use mandalas with children and adults at home, in the classroom, or when traveling or feeling introspective.

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Number: 77 Page 2 of 8