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Kahunas, Native Priests and Pantheism

Kahunas, Native Priests and Pantheism

"The kahunas, when accumulating an extra charge of mana, pictured it as water (the symbol of mana)
rising up within them and over-flowing, as water in a fountain."       ~Max Freedom Long

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Seekers of the Healing Energy
Product no.: 0-89281-313-X
Traces the search for a hidden healing energy from the past to contemporary healers and examines possible future applications.

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Product no.: 0-06-250242-5
Shabono are the palm-thatched dwellings belonging to the Yanomama Indians of Venezuela and southern Brazil.

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Shaman: The Wounded Healer (O)
Product no.: 0-500-81029-X
Summarizes forms of shamanism in various cultures, looks at its origin, and compares the methods shamans use to gain a vision of other realities.

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Shamanic Voices
Product no.: 0-14-019348-0
At last! Here is an anthropologist who lets the shamans tell us about shamanism. A brilliant performance.

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Product no.: 0-8356-0617-1
Includes essays by Michael Harner, Mircea Eliade, Stanley Krippner, John Redtail Freesoul and Ralph Metzner.

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Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy
Product no.: 0-691-01779-4
First published in 1951, Shamanism soon became the standard work in the study of this mysterious and fascinating phenomenon.

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Shamans Through Time
Product no.: 1-58542-362-9
A survey of five centuries of writings on the world's great shamans - the tricksters, sorcerers, conjurers and healers who have fascinated observers for centuries.

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Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya
Product no.: 0-8061-2308-7
The ancient Maya were obsessed by the study of time; central in their evolving culture. Their sages framed its cycles with tireless exactitude.

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Unlikely Prophet, An
Product no.: 0-9659521-2-6
Writer Alvin Schwartz received a great deal of attention from fans when he began talking publicly about his seventeen-year stint writing Superman and Batman comics.

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Urban Shaman
Product no.: 0-671-68307-1
A practical guide to applying ancient shamanic wisdom to our modern, everyday lives.

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