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UFOs, Area 51 and Black Operations

"The next of the Roswell crash fragments looked especially intriguing: the charred semiconductor wafers that had
broken off some larger device... no one before 1947 foresaw the invention of the transistor or had
even dreamed about an entirely new technology that relied upon semiconductors, which
were silicon based and not carbon based like the Edison incandescent tube."      


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Gods of Eden, The
Product no.: 0-380-71807-3
Extraterrestrial visitors have conspired to dominate Humankind through violence and chaos since the beginning of time... a conspiracy which continues to this very day.

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Gulf Breeze Sightings, The
Product no.: 0-380-70870-1
Although books, films, and TV continue to address the UFO phenomenon, there has been no satisfactory photographic evidence until now.

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Hermit, The
Product no.: 0-938294-96-2
Long before Zecharia Sitchin invented his popular New Age theory of Mankind's alien origins, that ol' rascal Rampa told the same story.

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Product no.: 0-345-34633-5
There have been tens of thousands of verified UFO sightings and landings.

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Journeys Out of the Body
Product no.: 0-385-00861-9
This is the definitive work on the extraordinary phenomenon of out-of-body experiences, by the founder of the internationally renowned Monroe Institute.

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My Visit to Venus
Product no.: 0-938294-61-X
An anthology of Rampa chapters which had been rejected from earlier books.

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Mysteries of Time and Space
Product no.: 0-914918-95-8
Incredible photographs of unexplained phenomena and many eyewitness accounts relate events that are just too intriguing to ignore.

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Out There
Product no.: 0-671-66261-9
A former New York Times reporter traces the actions of the Defense Intelligence Agency's UFO Working Group.

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Passport to Magonia
Product no.: 0-8092-3796-2
First published two decades ago, Jacques Vallee's stunning exploration of the evidence of extraterrestrial contact has become a classic in the field.

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Passport to the Cosmos
Product no.: 0-609-80557-6
John E. Mack, M.D. demonstrates how the alien abduction phenomenon calls for a revolutionary new way of examining the nature of reality and our place in the cosmos.

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