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UFOs, Area 51 and Black Operations

"The next of the Roswell crash fragments looked especially intriguing: the charred semiconductor wafers that had
broken off some larger device... no one before 1947 foresaw the invention of the transistor or had
even dreamed about an entirely new technology that relied upon semiconductors, which
were silicon based and not carbon based like the Edison incandescent tube."      


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Remote Viewing Secrets
Product no.: 1-57174-159-3
McMoneagle, awarded the Legion of Merit, was Remote Viewer #001 in the Army's Project Stargate located in Maryland.

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Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception
Product no.: 0-345-37566-1
Dr. Jacques Vallee presents startling evidence that well-constructed hoaxes and media manipulations have misled UFO researchers.

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Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, The
Product no.: 0-7137-2210-X
Edward Ashpole is a full-time science writer and has been a SETI watcher since his first article on the subject in 1963.

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Secret of the Andes
Product no.: 0-915070-02-2
Secret of the Andes contains messages from the Brotherhood hidden high in the Andes Mountains.

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Sirius Mystery, The
Product no.: 0-89281-163-3
Has Earth in the past been visited by intelligent beings from the region of the star Sirius?

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Source Field Investigations, The
Product no.: 978-0452297975
Based on a hugely popular Internet documentary, this exploration of historic signs and symbolism determines what the future holds for humanity come 2012.

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Transformation: The Breakthrough
Product no.: 0-380-70535-4
After writing Communion, Whitley Strieber firmly expected that his encounters with the "visitors" would end. They did not.

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UFO Cover-up, The
Product no.: 0-13-137712-4
Earth governments, especially the Government of the U.S. are in communication or cooperation with extraterrestrials, despite public claims to the contrary.

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UFO Dynamics
Product no.: 0-935834-64-8
Psychiatric and Psychic Aspects of the UFO Syndrome.

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UFOs and the Alien Presence
Product no.: 0-9630104-0-9
Taken altogether, the evidence for an alien presence on earth is enormous.

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