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Your Magical Child

Product no.: 0-935127-32-1
This book has everything you need to understand babies and children astrologically!

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A magical world view, common sense from practical experience and astrology are combined to help you understand the special needs of your child - how each child is born with magically unique qualities and a special individual style.

Here you will discover how you, as a parent, can be the "adept" - supporting and encouraging your little "natural magician" toward the highest and happiest expression of his or her potential. Your Magical Child will help you improve relationship dynamics between yourself and your child - and it can help give you greater insight into yourself through considering your own "inner child", too!


"This is a helpful book for almost anyone who deals with kids or with their own inner child; an unusually effective blend of insightful psychology, astrology and common sense."    ~Zipporah Dobyns

"Maria Kay Simms has written the only book I have seen so far which really bridges that wide gap between the blank page of what a baby has the potential to become, and the already partially filled pages of the adult who usually consults with an astrologer… written for the layman, as well as those already versed in astrology… All in all, this is the book you've been waiting for if you deal with children on a professional or personal basis."   ~Marion D. March

Author Simms, Maria Kay
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 532 pp.
Publisher ACS Publications 1994
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Number: 83 Page 83 of 83