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Fullness of God, The

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The Fullness of God is the first in a new series of titles featuring the essential writings of Frithjof Schuon.

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Publisher's Synopsis

Here for the first time in one volume are the most important of Schuon's chapters on the Christian tradition. The Fullness of God has been organized in such a way as to guide the reader from matters of metaphysical principle, through various theological and hermeneutical issues, to "operative" questions of spiritual practice and method.

Specific topics include:

  • the relationship between Christianity and non-Christian religions;
  • the divergence within Christianity between its main branches, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant;
  • the place of reason and faith and their connection to spiritual knowledge or gnosis;
  • the principles and applications of a mystical exegesis of Scripture;
  • the central dogmas of the Trinity and Incarnation,
  • Eucharistic and Marian doctrine;
  • and Christian initiation, contemplative practice, and "prayer of the heart".

The volume concludes with a short appendix of previously unpublished material, including samples from Schuon's correspondence with Christian seekers. Editor's notes, a glossary of foreign terms and a comprehensive index are also included.


"James Cutsinger has gathered a florilegium of Schuon's illuminating insights into Christianity. His editor's notes will be unobtrusively helpful to many readers."       ~Patrick Laude, Georgetown University


"A number of unimpeachably orthodox Christians, including canonized saints, have themselves been 'perennialists'. According to Saint Augustine, for example, 'That which today is called the Christian religion existed among the ancients and has never ceased to exist from the origin of the human race until the time when Christ himself came and men began to call Christian the true religion which already existed beforehand.' Saint Justin the Martyr fully concurs with this dictum: 'We have been taught that Christ is the First-begotten of God and have testified that he is the Logos of which every race of man partakes. Those who lived in accordance with the Logos are Christians, even though they were called godless, such as, among the Greeks, Socrates and Heraclitus and others like them. Those who lived by this Logos, and those who so live now, are Christians, fearless and unperturbed.'

These ancient testimonies have been echoed in our own day by Saint Nikolai Velimirovich, a Serbian Orthodox bishop and a survivor of Dachau, who teaches that the Logos or Word of God, manifest in every authentic religion, is the true and saving source of 'precious gifts in the East': 'Glory to the memory of Lao Tzu,' he can therefore exclaim, 'the teacher and prophet of his people! Glory to the memory of Krishna, the teacher and prophet of his people! Blessed be the memory of Buddha, the royal son and inexorable teacher of his people!'

As will be evident from the following pages, these articulations of the sophia perennis provide a useful synopsis of Schuon’s fundamental point of view."         ~Intro, Cutsinger

Editor Cutsinger, James S.
Author Schuon, Frithjof
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 250 pp.
Publisher World Wisdom 2004
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Number: 24 Page 3 of 24