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World Is As You Dream It, The

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Deep in the rain forests and high in the Andes of Ecuador, native shamans teach the age-old technique of dream change.

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John Perkins tells the story of these remarkable shamans and of the U.S. medical doctors, psychologists, and scientists who have gone with him to learn the techniques of dream change. These shamanic teachings have sparked a revolution in modern concepts about healing, the subconscious, and the powers each of us has to alter individual and communal reality.


"Perkins is an eco-activist who aims to save not only the rain forest but also the ancient native cultures that make their homes within it. His book offers a thrilling view of those cultures as experienced by American travelers, especially Perkins himself.

Inspired by childhood visions, Perkins sought and studied with South American shamanic teachers who introduced him to their rituals and, more important, their religious conceptions. He shares their beliefs about healing and dreaming, about psychotropic drugs and magic. Vividly written, his effort will surely appeal to those interested in shamanic traditions."          ~Booklist

"A magnificent book! It has a place of honor in my personal library. Perkins' The World Is As You Dream It is a masterly and understanding exploration of shamanic inner thinking. It is thought-provokingly written, a most valuable contribution."         ~Richard Evans Schultes, Ph.D., Harvard Jeffrey Professor of Biology, Director of Harvard Botanical Museum, author of Plants of the Gods


"For most of us the power of dreams is snatched away during an educational process that focuses on the material world. The shamans you will meet in this book were educated very differently. They have a great deal to teach us."

Author Perkins, John
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 139 pp.
Publisher Destiny Books 1994
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Number: 39 Page 39 of 39