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Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English

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Countless people worldwide have made Mindfulness in Plain English a beloved and bestselling classic in almost a dozen languages.

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Now after nearly two decades, Bhante helps meditators of every stripe take their mindfulness practice to the next level - helping them go, in a word, beyond mindfulness.

In the same warm, clear, and friendly voice, Bhante introduces the reader to what have been known for centuries as the "jhanas" - deeply calm, joyous, and powerful states of meditation that, when explored with the clearly presented tools in this book, can lead to a life of insight and unshakeable peace.

"Bhante Gunaratana has done it again! There is practical logic and an almost startling common sense to the explanations that lead the reader smoothly through the various stages of meditative concentration."      ~Ajahn Amaro, abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery

"A straightforward and pragmatic guide to deepening levels of concentration and insight. This book is a joy to read and a great gift to us all."      ~Joseph Goldstein

"Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English is written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand style that clearly seems based on the author's personal experience. Bhante Gunaratana offers a clear sense of the experience of moving from ordinary distracted mind to a strong state of concentration leading to the stages of awakening."       ~Inquiring Mind

"All of us from time to time encounter people who 'push our buttons.' Without mindfulness, we respond automatically with anger or resentment. With mindfulness, we can watch how our mind responds to certain words and actions. Just as you do on the cushion, you can watch the arising of attachment and aversion. Mindfulness is like a safety net that cushions you against unwholesome action. Mindfulness gives you time. Time gives you choices. Choices, skillfully made, lead to freedom. You don’t have to be swept away by your feeling. You can respond with wisdom and kindness rather than habit and reactivity."

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana is the founding abbot of the Bhavana Society. Born in rural Sri Lanka, he has been a monk since age 12 and took full ordination at age 20 in 1947. He came to the United States in 1968. “Bhante G” (as he is fondly called by his students) has written a number of books, including the now-classic meditation manual Mindfulness In Plain English and its companion Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness. Bhante G regularly leads retreats on vipassana, mindfulness, metta (Loving-friendliness), concentration, and other topics both at the Bhavana Society and elsewhere.

Author Gunaratana, Henepola
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 240 pp.
Publisher Wisdom Publications 2009
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Number: 143 Page 10 of 143