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Twilight Goddess

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Goddess worship is among the original forms of human religious expression.

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Thomas Cleary and Sartaz Aziz show how the Divine Feminine has never really disappeared from religion—in spite of its suppression by patriarchal culture. Whether conceptualized as divine person, saint, mythic figure, archetype, or abstract principle, the Divine Feminine inevitably arises, manifesting in hidden as well as obvious ways.

This book is a guided tour of the feminine principles, symbols, and imagery found in Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, and the Sufi tradition of Islam, with insightful meditations on the deep meanings of these manifestations of the Divine.

"Books on the goddess have been hot for a while now, and rarely does one appear bearing genuinely new information and interpretations. But Cleary and Aziz's does. Working with myths and traditions of Asia, which are less frequently analyzed by goddess authors than those of Europe, they provide fascinating insights into the difference between goddess-based religions and god-based monotheisms.

Perhaps most provocative is their unflinching discussion of those murderous worshipers of Kali, the Thuggees, whom the appalled British imprisoned for life to eliminate any chance that they could reproduce. Cleary and Aziz discuss both the irony of practicing genocide to eliminate a murderous ritual and the possibility that Thuggee mind-control techniques may have survived and resurfaced in the similarly murderous Japanese sect, AUM Shinri-kyo.

Another unusual chapter explores the possibility that the basis of Taoism lies in an ancient Chinese matriarchy - a position for which strong evidence exists. Impressively researched, engagingly written, this is an important book in both Asian studies and feminist spirituality."       ~Booklist

Author Cleary, Thomas
Coauthor Aziz, Sartaz
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 275 pp.
Publisher Shambhala Publications 2002
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Number: 134 Page 124 of 134