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Universal Dream Key, The

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Every night, all over the world, sleepers are dreaming variations of the same twelve dreams.

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Garfield has spent years researching the dreamworld, leading to her discovery of these twelve archetypes. Even those of us who don't usually remember our dreams remember some of these:

  • being chased
  • appearing naked in public
  • not knowing the answers to a test
  • driving a car without brakes
  • falling

Garfield moves from a general motifs to the many recognizable variations, illustrating her account with actual examples. Most important, she offers readers a detailed analysis of the possible meanings, creating a skeleton key to the twelve doors of the subconscious.


"My analysis of the universal dreams is based upon a worldwide collection of thousands of dreams, a synthesis of the professional literature on dream content, and my own 50-year-long dream diary.

I have also drawn upon the system to classify folktales devised by folklorist Kaarle Krone, and developed by his follower Antti Aarne, both in Finland, as well as the catalogues compiled by folklorist Stith Thompson in the United States. This method, that has been used to classify all the folktales in the world, can be adjusted to classify dreams because of the strong resemblance between dreams and folktales."

Author Garfield, Patricia
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 356 pp.
Publisher Cliff Street Books 2001
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Number: 134 Page 125 of 134