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Atlantis, Lemuria and Ancient Civilizations

Atlantis, Lemuria and Ancient Civilizations

"...and in a single day and night of rain all your warlike men in a body sunk into the earth,
  and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared, and was sunk beneath the sea.
  And that is the reason why the sea in those parts is impassable and impenetrable..."


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Legends of Atlantis and Lost Lemuria
Product no.: 0-8356-0664-3
The submerged continents are described in graphic detail - their location, history, flora and fauna, human inhabitants, customs, science, religion, and contact with advanced teachers.

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Lost Continent of Mu, The
Product no.: 0-914732-19-6
In 1868, while serving with the British Army in India, Churchward became close friends with a high temple priest who taught him how to decipher several stone tablets which had lain hidden for centuries in the temple vaults - they told of ancient Mu...

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Magic and Mysteries of Mexico, The
Product no.: 0-87877-193-X
When Lewis Spence's classic was originally published, it was the first major effort to include in one volume all that was known about the arcane knowledge and occult lore of the ancient Mexican people and their neighbors, the Maya.

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Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings
Product no.: 0-932813-42-9
The first hard evidence that advanced peoples preceded all the peoples now known to history. Ancient sea charts, passed on by the Minoans and Phoenicians, were collected and studied in the great library of Alexandria by geographers who worked there.

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Maya Cosmogenesis 2012
Product no.: 1-879181-48-7
Jenkins brings to light the mysteries of ancient Mesoamerican cosmology.

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Mayan Factor, The
Product no.: 0-939680-38-6
An illustrated treatise on the law governing whole systems. A masterpiece of theoretical integration.

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Mazzaroth: The Constellations, Parts I-IV
Product no.: 0-87728-946-8
"Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season?"  — Job xxxviii. 32

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Message of the Sphinx, The
Product no.: 0-517-88852-1
The Sphinx may be vastly older than Egyptologists currently believe, dating not from 2500 BC, but from 10,500 BC - the beginning of the astrological Age of Leo.

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Mythical Monsters (With 93 Illustrations)
Product no.: 0-913510-38-6
A geological surveyor by trade, English author Charles Gould (1834-1893) was rather more interested in the strange ornithological specimens he collected on his journeys around the world.

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New View Over Atlantis, The
Product no.: 0-06-250578-5
The dragon current (leys) refers to some natural flow of force, related to the earth's magnetic field. This force was rediscovered in modern times by Riech, who called it orgone energy.

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