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Northern Buddhism

The Mahayana (Great Vehicle) School, exemplified by the sacrifice of the Bodhisattva, an Arhat who chooses
to stay in the world of samsara (wandering) out of compassion for his ignorant brethren, teaches the
one and only true path to Buddhahood or Parinirvana (total extinction of the lower personality).

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Human Enlightenment
Product no.: 0-904766-57-8
Advertising constantly presents us with images of the ideal home, the ideal car or the ideal holiday. But is there such a thing as an ideal man or woman?

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Awakening of Faith, The: The Classic Exposition of Mahayana Buddhism
Product no.: 0-48643-141-X
This volume defines the essentials of Mahayana Buddhism, a liberal and theistic branch of the faith comprising sects chiefly in China and Japan.

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Heart Sutra: Ancient Buddhist Wisdom in the Light of Quantum Reality
Product no.: 0-942795-04-0
The Heart Sutra, an ancient scripture from the Mahayana wisdom schools of Buddhism, is an insight into the nature of ultimate reality through intuitive wisdom.

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Heart of Understanding, The
Product no.: 0-938077-11-2
Commentaries on the Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra.

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Manifestation of the Tathagata
Product no.: 0-86171-054-1
A translation of the Manifestation of the Tathagata chapter of the Avatamsaka Sutra, one of the principal sections of a most profound and comprehensive Buddhist scripture.

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Bodhicaryavatara, The (Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life)
Product no.: 0-19-283720-6
Shantideva's revered guide crystallized the path of the Bodhisattva and became the undisputed training manual for Mahayana Buddhists.

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Buddhism: A Way of Life and Thought
Product no.: 0-394-74754-2
Explains the origins, development and basic principles of the religion followed by nearly one-quarter of the people on earth.

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Buddhist Sutras: Origin, Development, Transmission
Product no.: 4-333-01028-4
The history of Buddhism's transmission from India to the countries where it flourished is in essence the story of the transmission of the teachings recorded in its sutras, or scriptures.

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Elegant Sayings
Product no.: 0-913546-13-5
Elegant Sayings includes two complementary works by outstanding masters of philosophy and poetic expression.

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Buddhist Wisdom: The Diamond Sutra and The Heart Sutra
Product no.: 0-375-72600-4
A landmark publication from its first appearance more than forty years ago. Edward Conze's extensive commentary illuminates these key texts for phrase by phrase appreciation.

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