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"Beowulf grasped his arm and sat up. The criminal knew he had not met in this middle-earth
another with such a grip. Grendel's spirit was afraid and his heart eager to get away,
to flee to his hiding place, flee to the devils he kept for company.
Never had he met a man such as this."       ~Beowulf

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Book of Legends, The (O)
Product no.: 0-8052-4113-2
The first complete English translation of the Hebrew classic Sefer Ha-Aggadah brings to the Gentile world the greatest and best-loved anthology of classical Rabbinic literature ever compiled.

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Book of Merlin, The
Product no.: 0-7137-2078-6
Drawn primarily from papers presented at the 1986 Merlin Conference, held in London.

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Book of Merlyn, The
Product no.: 0-441-07015-9
After White's death, a conclusion to The Once and Future King was found among his papers; it was published in 1977.

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Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight (O)
Product no.: 0-87654-071-X
Le Guin is particularly adept at exploring the magic of animals as she shows us their wisdom, follies, spirits, and personalities.

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Bulfinch's Mythology (Complete and Unabridged)
Product no.: 0-375-75147-5
Almost 150 years ago, a Boston banker collected the great tales of the gods and goddesses of greek, roman, scandinavian, celtic and oriental mythology, along with the age of chivalry.

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Care of the Soul
Product no.: 0-06-092224-9
Therapist and religious historian Moore's invigorating guide to a "soulful" life poses a radical challenge to contemporary psychotherapy.

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Celtic Myths and Legends
Product no.: 0-486-26507-2
This splendidly illustrated study by the distinguished Celticist T.W. Rolleston masterfully retells the great Celtic myths and illuminates the world that spawned them.

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Celts, The (Second Edition)
Product no.: 014-02-5074-3
The Celts is a remarkable achievement, not least because the Celts, in the belief that knowledge was a spiritual possession, left virtually no written records.

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Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales, The
Product no.: 0-394-70930-6
This is the complete English-language edition, first published by Routledge in 1948 and re-issued in its current form.

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Conference of the Birds, The
Product no.: 0-14-044434-3
Composed in the twelfth century in northeastern Iran, Farid Attar’s great mystical poem is among the most significant of all works of Persian literature.

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Number: 112 Page 2 of 12